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By- Courtney Ferrara

Posted by Tina Fine on

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Lingerie: A Personal Experience

          Lingerie always intimidated me but Tina's friendly demeanor put me at ease instantly. I wanted something sexy but also classy and feminine. Her boutique was full of fun, sexy and wild lingerie and nightwear. I wanted something that spoke to me and Tina automically picked out the right shades for my skin tone and lingerie that I felt both covered the right areas and highlighted my curves.  The corset and babydoll are from her shop. The "props" which are jewelry, books, my perfume bottles are all mine that fit perfectly with the lingerie she helped picked out.
A lot of times you go to department stores and meet salespeople who don't care about your size or style, they just want to sell you something, anything. I didn't feel this way with Tina. I had fun trying on so many different looks and styles and settled on two amazing pieces. They fit my aesthetic and bring my best features forward. 
- Courtney Ferrara

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